The John Mayne Trust


The John Mayne Charitable Trust was set up in the 1980s following the sale of the school house and investment of the money raised through the sale.


The interest from the money invested is used to promote the education, including social and physical training of boys and girls in Biddenden. The beneficiaries must be pupils or ex-pupils of John Mayne School under the age of 25.


Adverts requesting applications are placed in the Parish Magazine with a deadline for submissions to the chairman.


Applications are encouraged and each one is seriously considered with a fair contribution on funds donated to each beneficiary.
  • Do You live in Biddenden
  • Are you under 25
  • Did you go to John Mayne School
  • Are you going college
  • Are you starting an apprenticeship
  • Do you need a grant for books and equipment

If so, why not apply for a grant to the John Mayne Trust? For an application form please email the trust: