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Harvest Festival!

8th October 2019


Thank you to all parents and family members who supported us in our joyful Harvest Festival service at All Saint’s church, in particular, we would like to thank you for your donations of food for the Catching Lives food bank charity in Canterbury. 
Our Y6 children embodied our vision of family and friendship when they supported their YR buddies in their joint singing together. This was a very special moment and I could see big smiles (and some happy tears!) from family and staff- what a memory making moment for us all. 
Coming together in church at this special time of the year is always a proud moment for us as a school- children love to share their prayers and reflections with you. 

Santa's Workshop Day!

14th December 2018: 
Today all the children and staff dressed up for our fun day. Squirrels class made this wonderful gingerbread train which they then carefully constructed and decorated and Otters class made Christmas door stops and wrapping paper gift bags.




Badgers class came to the epic conclusion of ‘Operation Gingerbread’. Once the winning casts were made, it was swiftly followed by each group devouring their creation. After all the hard work of planning, baking, constructing and decorating- I think they well and truly deserved it. 






'Tis the Season to be Thankful!

13th December 2018:  

AtJohn Mayne CEP School our family extends beyond our parents with many local volunteers who come and support us throughout the year. To say ‘thank you’ for their kindness, hard work and support, we held a special afternoon tea for them to let them know just how special they are to us. 

Y6 children were tasked with making cakes, decorating the hall and serving refreshments to their guests whilst the Hedgehogs class came to sing some Christmas songs. 

It was a delightful afternoon for all who were involved. Thank you to all our volunteers, we think you’re amazing! 






Christmas Shopping!

7th December 2018

Children enjoyed the full shopping experience at our annual PTA Christmas shopping event where all children were able to buy special gifts for loved ones.

There was even a personal wrapping service! 


Thank you to our amazing PTA who work tirelessly for this major event every year. 




Festive Celebrations

6th December 2018

This week has seen the children perform beautifully at the YR/KS1 nativity of ‘The Little Fir Tree’ and the spectacular KS2 choral concert. The confidence the children displayed through their speaking, singing and acting was terrific, they were rightly proud of themselves and their achievements. 

Christmas at John Mayne CEP School is always a special time of year where we remember the special gift that God gave to us, His son. 


“A virgin will become pregnant and have a son, and he will be called ‘Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’

Matthew 1:23


Charity Dance Dash!

16th November 2018

The Dance Dash Troop from Homewood School dashed in to perform an amazing dance to entertain us all for Children in Need day. We helped to raise over £2500 from all Ashford Schools.





Pumpkin Play!

October 2018 

Our youngest children have been exploring Autumn and Harvest, getting very messy with it too! They have also been on a class ramble in the woods with peers and parent helpers, enjoying the glorious Autumn colours at this time of year. 

Having read the story of ‘Pumpkin Soup’, the children used all their senses to explore what pumpkins are like both raw and cooked. Using clay and sticks collected from their ramble, the children also developed their fine motors kills by making hedgehogs models. 





Super Heroes!

September 2018

Squirrels class have been using the book of the Iron Man as their inspiration for their topic about super heroes. Children have thought carefully about what makes a super hero and what kind of powers they would like to have. 








Judo presentation

June 2018: 

Mr Aldhouse and a Y3 pupil (graded with a red belt) shared their amazing Judo skills and techniques to the whole school. Children were amazed at how strong and dedicated they were to their sport as well as how confident and self aware they were.










Ascension Whole School Worship


June 2018

On a beautiful Spring morning, we all went for a walk with Alex to reflect on the ascension of Christ into heaven. 

Matthew 28: 16-20 ‘I will be with you for always to the end of time’






World Book Day 

As part of our celebrations children dressed up, teachers read parts of their favourite stories, we swapped books, enjoyed a book quiz across the school as well as writing stories together. What a fabulous day. 

Dear God
I want to start reading books carefully,  please help me to read them. 
Y3 pupil 



Snow, Glorious Snow!

28th February

Although school was closed today, some staff managed to make it in later on in the day to start preparing the site for the next day, clearing and gritting paths. Mrs Tester and Ms Ellis both had all the right gear including a hard core snow shovel that did a great job. The village looked quite beautiful in all it's snowy glory.




Whole School Science Day

7th February 2018
Today the whole school were scientists! Children explored, tested, hypothesised and concluded their ideas in practical and exciting ways. This ranged from learning about friction to the digestive system (with rather interesting outcomes!). 












National Online Safety Day

6th February 2018


All children were actively engaged in learning how to keep themselves safe on line. Y6 pupils started to write parent and child friendly versions of our whole school on-line safety policy. Y4/5 pupils learnt how to use on-line gaming safely and the impact that any negative comments on line can have. Y3/4 children learnt about how a child's brain develops and how impressionable it is, particularly if exposed to regular inappropriate images or comments.  Y1/2 children learnt what a digital footprint is and YR children learnt to always have an adult present when being on-line. 


It was a fun filled and informative day for all of us.

Otters Class  Assembly

25th January 2018 

Year 4 and 5 children in Otters class have been learning about crime and punishment across historical eras. They demonstrated their in depth knowledge effectively through drama with some difficult concepts around fairness and forgiveness explored. Children were able to demonstrate how crime and punishment through the ages has become more civilised (phew!) and how this has impacted across society. 


Great understanding and a thoroughly entertaining performance Otters Class- well done and thank you. 

Excellence in Writing

On 6th February, these three children each received a 3rd place certificate and book voucher from the Tenterden Rotary Club for their Christmas story writing entries in December. 12 local schools entered the writing competition so we are very proud to have 3 terrific authors in our school. Well done and huge congratulations to each of you. 





Little Donkey

On the 18th December, we had two special visitors who came to see us. The children fed the donkeys some treats and carefully stroke them. What a wonderful way to prepare for Christmas.




Operation Gingerbread (continued...)

Our Y6 children, displayed their final houses on Friday 15th December where staff voted for the winning team... Congratulations to 'Operation Santa Claus' who were Henry, Freddie, Louie, Ethan and Earle.


KS2 Christmas Concert

On 13th December, our KS2 children performed their carol concert at All Saints Church. Children spoke clearly and confidently, their singing touched us all. A particular thank you to Baby Emily for her guest performance as the baby Jesus- what a wonderful surprise for us all. 




John 4:9
'And God showed his love for us by sending his only son into the world, so that we might have life through him'


 'Thank You' Festive Afternoon

On 13th December, members of our school council organised a special Thank You tea for our volunteers. Children planned the menu, organised invitations, posters and helped to decorate the hall before serving and entertaining their guests. There were musical performances from our ukulele group and our guitar players, singing from Squirrels class and Henry performed a trombone solo. 
Thank you to our volunteers for all that you do whether it's being part of the PTA, hearing children read, supporting gardening club or helping on school trips- we appreciate all that you do and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.   


On Tuesday 12th December, children in Foxes and Hedgehogs classes performed their nativity play 'It's a party'. Dressed in tinsel and glitter, the children dazzled the audience with their confident speaking and beautiful singing. Performing in front of a large audience when you're young can be a little daunting but this didn't phase our youngest children. They stood tall and proud, bringing smiles to their captivated audience. 
Over £150 was raised at the collection which will go towards musical resources, we really appreciate everyone's generosity. Thank you 

Operation Gingerbread

 Week beginning 11th December 2017 

This week, Y6 pupils have been designing and making their own gingerbread houses. They started the project by researching different types of houses before planning their design- the only problem was, the template for their house had to fit on a page of A3 paper. Not deterred by this challenge, the children persevered until they were successful. 
Templates we're used on their gingerbread mixtures (the smell was divine!), making sure no mistakes were made. 
The next installment will show you the baking and assembling this space. 

Christmas Decorations Making with Parents

30th November, parents helped our children to make Christmas decorations. It was a fun filled morning with festive music, mince pies and copious amounts of glitter! Children were very excited to share their learning with parents and our visitors commented on how much they enjoyed getting messy! It was a great way to start our Christmas celebrations. 

 'It was really good fun, what a great idea' Y5 parent 

'My child was so excited about me coming to help them this morning, it was such a lovely start to our day, thank you' Y2 parent

'It looked like there had been a glitter explosion in Foxes class, the children had the best time and so did I - and I didn't have to hoover it up!' YR parent







Squirrels Class 'Victorian'  Special Assembly

Squirrels class delighted their audience with a spectacular class assembly this week. Proudly, the children showcased an array of their learning during Term 2.


This included sharing their artwork and study of famous artists, speaking in different languages, exploring the use of exciting adjectives in poetry and learning about the Victorians. 


Thank you Squirrels Class, you were all amazing!

National Anti-bullying Week

From the 13th to the 17th November, our whole school has been learning about Anti-bullying through this national campaign. Children learnt about the types of bullying, the impact it can have and how to report it. Lessons  and workshops also focused on what makes a good friend and the importance of kindness, respect and warmth. 

Our Y6 class focused on cyber-bullying and presented their learning to their parents and the whole school. As ambassadors against bullying, their were each presented with a special wrist band as well. 

The weeks learning culminated in a special whole school assembly where each class shared their learning. 

 Remembrance Sunday

During the week, children have thought and remembered those who gave their lives and died to secure a safer and more secure world for us to live in today. 
During our whole school service, children responded by writing their own prayers for the fallen and for active armed forces members and their families. Our children learnt how God's peace gift to us all was Jesus and we can learn to pass this precious gift on by becoming peace makers and peace givers. 
At All Saints Church, members of the Pupil Leadership Team read passages and laid a wreath to show their respect as well. We were incredibly proud of how responsibly and respectfully they represented our school. 
Matthew 5:9 
'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God....'








MacMillan Coffee Morning

In September, our hard working and dedicated PTA held a MacMillan coffee morning where they raised over £200 for this amazing charity. The hall was filled with cups of tea, delicious cakes and happy mums. 
Thank you PTA for all your hard work and dedication. 





Harvest Festival 

Our whole school came to get her to celebrate our harvest festival. Each child donated food for the Ashford Food Bank to help others who need extra help in times of difficulty. 
A particular thank you to our Y6 children who supported our new children with their performance. 
To all our new families in Foxes class, a warm welcome to our John Mayne family. 

Exodus 23: 16 NLT
'...... celebrate the festival of harvest when you bring me the first crops of your harvest...'