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Secondary Schools

At the end of year 6, Children from John Mayne School transfer to a number of different secondary schools. You can find out about these schools and their open days using the links below.

Kent Test

Children must pass the Kent Test in order to be eligible for places at grammar schools. Parents need to apply in June when their child is in Year 5 in order to be able to sit the tests in September of Year 6.

The tests are currently administered in the school and include Verbal Reasoning test, Non-verbal reasoning test, Maths test, Spatial Reasoning test  and a Writing exercise.

Parents are informed of the results in the middle of October before completing the secondary admissions form. 

Transition to Secondary Schools

During their final year the children have a number of opportunities to prepare for the transition to secondary schools. These include:

  • Visits to the new school. These can vary from a day to a week depending on the school.
  • Visits from staff at the new school to speak to the child and their class teacher
  • An interview at the new school to show good work and discuss any concerns
  • Workshops and special events run by new schools
  • Opportunities to practise travel arrangements
  • Safety in Action workshops run by Kent Police to highlight and help children manage new risks
  • Special support programmes for children who may be more vulnerable
  • Parents can also meet with staff from the new school

 In recent years children from John Mayne School have transferred to the following secondary schools:

 Each year a few children also move on to schools in the independent sector