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Vision and Values

Christian Values

Our school vision:

A family learning together in fellowship and faith with God


We welcome you into the fold of our loving and inclusive family where each unique individual is nurtured on their learning pilgrimage, growing and blossoming within God’s love. Our school is at the heart of the village community, building on strong inter-generational links and sharing our Christian values in a spirit of togetherness.


Our vision and associated values are theologically centred on the Bible narrative ‘The Good Shepherd and his sheep’ John 10:1-18


The story of the Good Shepherd and his sheep represents our school.  In the story, Jesus assures his followers that they are his sheep, he will lay down his life for them, he will guide, protect and keep his sheep safe. He shows how he knows each and every one of his precious flock.

  • Jesus showed how he kept his flock safe from harm. We nurture all members of our school community to be the best version of themselves so that they thrive, flourish and blossom as a result of good mental health and wellbeing in a fellowship of love with God.
  • Jesus dedicated himself to his flock, without exception. Everyone is welcome in our John Mayne family, we are fully inclusive without compromise; we welcome all and strive continuously to meet individual needs, supported by excellent role models, who have high aspirations for all, driven by gospel values.
  • ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10:10. Jesus wanted his sheep to live life to the full. At our school, each child will travel on their own learning journey pathway to achieve their full God given potential  academically, socially, personally and spiritually. We have high expectations for all children and promote good mental health and well-being and positive relationships for all.


John Mayne is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School in the Diocese of Canterbury.

Daily collective worship in the school is based on the Diocesan scheme of work. Diocesan staff support the school with training on Religious Education, collective worship, the development of Christian values and ethos and the requirements of Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools.